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I Am My Own Best Leader

Smart leaders know what they don’t know. Learning is a constant process throughout your professional life, and it doesn’t stop. – Ilya Pozin If

Be accountable and responsible for your Life – Personal Leadership

Whenever there is discord between human beings, it is about Money, Sex, Ego or Religion. Follow any of these four, you will find the

Mentors are not Strategists and Business Advisors. Not necessarily 

Though capital remains a challenge, the New Generation of Entrepreneurs find solutions rather than be hindered by the lack of capital. Also as a

Entrepreneurship not for Sissies

So you are at the top of your game  – an executive or an influential person in your organisation or department. You are in

Wisdom in Mentorship

Significant change has happened in many countries with regards to women’s emancipation. However, equality in leadership positions stubbornly evolves at a snail’s pace. Though women

What it takes to be a strong voice in the board room

The board of directors often consists of a diverse group of individuals who are legitimately selected by shareholders, with their main duty to monitor management