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Compassion, our last human frontier that AI may not be able to replicate

Compassion starts with ourselves. Seeing ourselves. Blemishes and all. And accepting ourselves. Not to say you should not be a better human being. Understanding

Will Artificial Intelligence be Loyal?

The death of my sister was not a valid reason to postpone my SAA flight to London, according to a Voyager agent. 100 000


I have struggled to comprehend something since I was a child. With age, my bafflement around this has not faded. I remain aghast and

Back small busi­ness and we will get on track

South Africa’s ex­port growth fore­cast could be con­strained by world growth, which the World Bank is ex­pect­ing to slow to 2.9% this year and

Follow the Africans money – contributing to continuing oppression and second class status

Africans perpetuate their own bottom of the rung and second class status in the world. Worse of all, even on our own Continent. Follow

#MeToo era: Women don’t have to sleep their way into business

“I know some of you thought I was proposing Dudu Msomi to facilitate our board committee performance review because I am sleeping with her.