Groupies of the Business World

Groupies are not isolated to musicians and celebrities. Even us as adults in business and society at large we can reduce ourselves to being Groupies!

The concept of First Amongst Equals is real. Now the question is are you the First or are you the Equals? As the ‘equal’, your role is really to increase the adulation heaped upon and the brand equity of the Firsts. Do not fool yourself. Becoming famous and desirable by association remains ‘by association’. Without that association, you are have no independent value. No attraction. You are imprisoned. No invite happens without your relationship to the First. Most times the corporate brand we work for becomes our ‘First’. When you are no longer having that title or working for that brand, the calls stop. You better have a war chest because if you are setting up on your own, you will need it to survive because doors will not be opening for a long while.

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out maybe a 21st century term. But human beings have always suffered from it in some form or the other for yonks. Everything has an upside and a downside. The upside of being a shy kid is that I got very comfortable with my own company and became a very keen observer and astute listener. My mum even till this day is surprised at how much I take in in a short space of time. And is shocked at how much I listen even when she looks at my face and is convinced that I am not. I am always taking in so much stimuli it is like breathing. I guess that is where my fascination with human nature began. I was too shy to participate, but just observed and read a lot. The part I am grateful for is that I never looked on with envy. Still don’t. With all the social media posts, you will be green with envy. As the quote says, “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel”.

I saw the world and people around me as a social study. Maybe I still do. But it also helped me to have much compassion for human frailty. How we are always fighting and trying to be seen and heard. With 7 billion people and growing, to stand out for just being You, without stomping and climbing over people and manipulating things so you stick out of the clutter is not easy.

So the idea of people who are very discriminatory at who they want to be seen with and which events they will give their right arm to be invited to just fascinates me. In a sad way. Not with admiration. I was chatting about that with someone today. I can usually see in my diary whether I am free or not in any particular day. If I am free, I may still not be free because it could be an admin day, planning day, writing of presentations or articles day or resting day. But I will know. We were talking about people who can never commit even when they are clearly free. They are always waiting for what they think is a better option that might come up. If you spend your life in that mode. Note. You are a Groupie.

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