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PPC Leadership Faux Pas Averted

I am relieved that corporate governance faux pas have been averted through the concessions that have been reached between the PPC Board and the

Board to Death

Published in the City Press, Sunday, 28 September 2014, Page 12, Career Section Reading the book ‘Adversaries into Allies’ by Bob Burg, I came across

Live Forever, Plant Seeds

Significant change has happened in many countries with regards to women’s emancipation. However, equality in leadership positions stubbornly evolves at a snail’s pace. Though

Leadership Blunders Masterclass: Zille/Ramphele

Women are said to be harder on other women. That is true. Unfairly so. That is because women are in the minority in leadership

The power to resign

Published in Financial Mail This is because, ultimately, the CEO is accountable to the board for results. Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga has repeatedly said