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Being Strategic about Leadership for 2019 South Africa

The campaign for the 2019 general elections has begun. We may not know who the Presidential candidates will be, but make no mistake, the

Truth Trumps Lying: Keeping your integrity as a business

My American Mentor chuckled last night when she was reading out the agenda I had sent for our Skype session. Under the bullet point

True Sustainability!

Strategic thinking and planning is not as complicated as it can be made out to be,  nor as easy as one can undermine it

21 Years On: South Africa Losing the Competitive Edge?

There is a global economic power shift from the developed to the developing economies. South Africa is a part of the developing world. Within the

PPC Leadership Faux Pas Averted

I am relieved that corporate governance faux pas have been averted through the concessions that have been reached between the PPC Board and the