White Monopoly Capital, Really?

What actually creates white monopoly capitalists if such does exist? The majority of consumers that buy the products and services of these companies instead of using that capital that creates white monopoly capital to pool funds to develop their own businesses so that they do not have to call others white monopoly capitalists? Rather be the Capitalists themselves?

Or the passive shareholders who through their pensions and retirement funds provide capital to make the white owned and managed companies exist and thrive? When does that money change to be white capital? Or even in Black hands and pockets it is still White Capital? Or was it Black Capital before it was given to White Capitalists? So confused.

Who is jumping up and down telling the owners of Black Capital to stop giving their capital away so that tomorrow they do not cry that there is White Monopoly Capital? It is easier to start a business from scratch if you have capital than to transform one. The ones that are so vocal: who built the house you leave in? Who made the bed you woke up from? Whose brush did you use to clean your teeth? Whose food feeds you everyday? Whose clothing label are you wearing? Which school did you drop your kids at? Which car did you drive today? Whose newspapers and books did you read today? Whose company do you work for? Whose TV did you watch? Whose device are you reading this message from? Who audits your financials? Who provides you with legal advice? Which company facilitates your strategies, team building, coaches you & staff, runs your leadership development programmes? And. And. And. Are you for real? Are you jumping up and down? I cannot hear you!!!

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