Reflecting on what being inspirational means.

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.

Nelson Mandela

How do you know when you inspire someone? If no one ever gives you the feedback (or it never reaches your ears) does that mean you are not inspirational? Can you make a positive impact on people’s lives and yet never be categorised as inspirational? How many people must see you and say you are inspirational for the world to see you as such? If you never make it onto a public platform which means less people know you exist, does that nullify your inspiration? Is fame the same as inspiration?  
I experienced a situation of knowing how someone who had contributed to making dreams come true for a few people. Really went beyond the call of duty on a number of occasions. When people asked these people about who has been helping them achieve their dreams, this person I know did a lot for them did not make the radar. I was flabbergasted. Other famous personalities though quickly and easily rolled off their tongues when asked about people they look up to. Even if the personalities just spoke at podiums and never rolled up their sleeves to actively help them on their way.

Is there something empty in us? We pay more attention to you when you are famous and suddenly see your contributions as more significant. Heap praises. Admire. Find inspiration in people who say the right things particularly on public platforms. What about the people who are not necessarily blood and who don’t owe you anything who actually impact your life – emotionally, spiritually, physically and in other ways – every day. Not necessarily in earth shattering ways. Not in just words, but in deeds too. Why don’t they make it onto our lists of inspirational people? And we wonder why everyone is chasing fame? At any cost in some instances. Because until you are trending or splashed in the media all the time, you might just never be seen or appreciated for the inspiration that your Life is.

I hope you tell the people around you. In your life how much they inspire you. The significance they have in your life. Everybody wants to be significant. Let’s give each other that Gift. 

Photo by The_MrDan from Pexels


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