Motivated by Love or Fear?

Do you ever reflect how much of your life you spend in FEAR? It is said everything we do in life is motivated by either Fear or Love? We do things because of Love or in reaction to Fear. On the surface it doesn’t look so. That when we analyse everything we do to its essence, those are the Emotions that drive us. So we pursue things that we Love. We associate with people that make us feel Loved. And avoid those that makes us Fear or not experience Love in an aspect of ourselves or Life. We surround ourselves with people that give us that Euphoric high because in their presence, the essence of US is not challenged in a way that makes us uncomfortable. We can have surface “differences” or moments of “disharmony”, but they don’t go Deep enough to upset the Applecart. Most times, those relationships are a form of drug that give us the doze that prevent us from getting Deep within ourselves. Most times we know what we are from knowing what we are not. We know what light is from knowing what dark looks like.

So is the same about our characters. The people we surround ourselves with, tell us or even debate what we are comfortable with. Their interests are aligned to ours. In fact, we are so fond of them because they make us feel settled, comfortable, like equals and sometimes slightly better then them though we wouldn’t dare admit that even to ourselves. We are told that the best zone to grow as a Human Being and as a Soul is outside your comfort zone. So if everyone that is around you is comfortable and never stretches your emotions. Never really mirrors an “Other” to help you reflect on yourself, your thoughts and your actions, even as you get older every year, how much are you really developing in this Life? How many dimensions of yourself have you missed experiencing? Someone years ago brought this home to me. He said: “You know, all along I thought I was ‘IT’. That I had arrived. Now I see that I have always either dated train wrecks that I had to rescue and take care of and surrounded myself with friends in the TV business that always pumped my Ego. I am unique in my chosen field. Trained in the USA. So I was always seen as special. Until now. Being out of my usual milleau, I am now aware where I lack. And I am uncomfortable and see that I have not really arrived”. This person gave me one of the best education about relationships – whether in love, family, colleagues or friendships – that I have carried with me since. He also made me aware why we avoid certain people in life. It is not always about them. But it says more about ourselves. How they make us feel even without saying a word. And sometimes those are the greatest teachers to help us grow out of our comfort zone to Magnificent Human Beings and Souls!


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