Life Wisdom from Dudu Msomi

Put a mirror up to your face (life) instead of expending energy criticising, blaming or abdicating your life to others.

Work on your personal vision that will guide your decisions and choices, what to focus on and not to so that you are not a passenger in your own life and can take accountability for the consequences your choices result in.
You are your own best leader. Take your power back. Lead and have accountability for your life. Not making decisions and choices about your life is also a decision and a choice.  So the consequences, are on you.

Be all in. In everything you do. Regardless of your title and the  conditions in your environment. Life is not fair and it will not go according to your expectations. Always. However that should not be your reason for holding back. Your talents, spirit and energy can make a different in your life and in the lives of your fellow human beings. 

Have compassion for yourself and for those around you. That is being Human.

This comes to pass, when you are living consciously. Every second.


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