Have we abdicated our lives? – Lessons from Covid19

Ideology knows the answer before the question has been asked. – George Packer

I sent this clip (Watch “NBC News Medical Contributor Speaks Out About Coronavirus Hospitalization | NBC Nightly News” on YouTube https://youtu.be/GGRUN6AefkQ) to someone for interest after noting his views about the Lockdown. The reaction had nothing to do with the content, but the ownership of NBC.

That response demonstrates what our vulnerability is as human beings who are social animals. Interdependent with our fellow human beings. And why we should expect pandemics such as Covid-19 to become our normal.

If people who assess risk – whether in your home, business, government or society are dismissive of any information that does not support their worldview. Or advance their cause. Or if it is from whom they don’t like.

Made decisions on your behalf on what to prepare for or not. What to research or not. What to invest in or not. Who to listen to or not.

Are driven by ideologies that throw out even common sense. And dismiss information because of whence it comes. We are all in trouble.

We are experiencing this pandemic to the proportion we are in the world over. Precisely because of ideologies that drive politics, business and society.

We have abdicated our lives. And we don’t share the same values as the people who influence, direct and run our lives.

Isn’t this a disempowering thought?


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