Happy Africa Day!

Dine with a stranger, but save your love for your family. ~ Ethiopian proverb

Wisdom of Africa! Lest we forget. When it is all said and done. South African Africans, we will lose it all if we don’t catch awake up. To hate the West because we think the East truly sees us as Equal. Naive. Shortsighted. It is not either or. It is about being Africa focused. Stop looking for saviours, sisters and brothers from everywhere. You have a billion right here in front of you.

There is a reason people leave their homelands to come into your backyard. There is a reason that the Africans that were enslaved in foreign lands in droves were stolen. Didn’t leave on their own accord. Life may not have been perfect for every African, but they were not looking for foreign lands to feel at home. Think about that! And they were sailing across the seas. I know some histories are hidden in some books. Educate yourself.

When people have looted what they can, they move on. You try and go and live in their lands. See how close you will be to the seat of power. See how many companies you will own. See how many tenders you will get. See how at home you will be. Let’s not be stupid. Even in a global village,  there is a place that is Home. Or you will feel like an Exile. Capital has no allegiance. People give capital a heart. Patriotism is through and within people. No amount of money will make you feel at home in a strange land. When you walk out of your door, much will tell you, you are not home. Even centuries later.

Africa Day! Understand what it means. It is not just that we are born in Africa that we are Africans. You see us even if we have never set foot on this continent where our roots are. Protect your roots. Or you will wonder in the lands of others. Never truly finding peace. Having been a minority in the schools I attended. I know how it feels to feel like a stranger. To know you do not fit in. When you see your image in another, something fills up in your Soul. You may take it for granted when it is always there. But take it away from yourself – permanently. You will know emptiness.

Africans wise up! This 21st century can only be yours if you truly believe in yourself. Believe in yourself. Believe in your people. Do good to and for your people. It is the only way we will truly regain our freedom, power and pride. No apologies. Happy Africa Day to you!❤💋❤

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