Gratitude: The Universe never leaves a vacuum

In life you can choose to focus on what you don’t have that doesn’t match with what the Joneses have. Or you can be Ecstatic about what you have.

I tend to relish in what I have. Leaving very little time to think about what I think I don’t have.

I always say, the Universe never leaves a vacuum. Whether you choose call that “God’ or the Higher Power. It is Love. In us, we have everything we need. In this Life, we have Everyone we need to learn the lessons we need and to live the lives our Souls want to Live in this journey. When it doesn’t work out, I don’t force fit it. It was just not for me. Whether it is a relationship,  position or a business opportunity. What is meant for me, will always find me. Despite myself. I truly believe that.

You can be restricted by human convention and thinking. That if you are not married, you don’t have fulfilling love. That if you don’t have biological or human children, that you are less than. That if you don’t have biological siblings, and parents, you are alone in this world. That if you don’t have the scale of business,  home, car, bank balance. That you have not succeeded and don’t have value.

Those are Human lenses. In the eyes of the Universe. There are no vacuums. Someone or something always comes into a space that’s vacated. You need to be open and see. It is the categorising and our fear that if it is not our blood. Not seen by others as “this” or “that”. Then you can’t call or see your BFF/s, as your brothers or sisters. The young people and animals that are drawn to your spirit and love as your Children. Or adopt should you wish. That your business that supports you through recessions and pandemics is not valuable and adding value.

The Universe always delivers. Never forget. Everything you need. You already have access to. It is for You to see it and appreciate it into your Life.

Have a Loving, Compassionate and Productive  Life.


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