Do not Covet Others’ Social Media Lives 

The focus should be Within. Not so much Without.

Then you will not suffer from FOMO.

Peer pressure. Keeping up with the Jonesses. Feeling less than. Depressed. Inadequate. It is not the fault of social media. Every generation had different means, tools and technologies for communicating with each other. Ours happens to be social media.

If what is within You is not Whole, Good, Content, Fulfilled, Peaceful, Abundant, Happy, Beautiful and Confident then what you feel will reflect that. Social media only brings out what is already within you.

If as an adult you are a groupie. Insecure when you are not part of a squad of some sort. The fact that you have squads. If you are envious, jealous, angry, competitive, narcissistic, abusive, a show off and… And. Whether you are living in the 1920s or in 2019, you feel the same. Act the same. The difference now is that social media just amplifies the spaces in which you can act out what is already in you.

If you are an adult today, how much confidence are you inspiring in the younger generation? The children. Some anxieties and personality traits can get passed down – unconsciously. It becomes part of our language, our behaviour, our values and our culture.

Some people are at home. Depressed. Looking through posts. Seeing people in exotic places. People having a great time. For the second of the photo or the video. Yes they are. You are alone. It looks like everyone else is. You are not. Stop it. Stop that nonsense. Work on making yourself happy. Stop comparing yourself.

Do You! Why are you comparing yourself? Just embrace the experiences you are having. They are more magical and more real than someone’s experiences will ever be. The thing about social media. You can see the image of someone, but you can’t feel their experience. You can’t feel their smile or laugh. You can project what you think they are feeling. But you can never be sure that is truly what they are feeling.

That is precisely the point. You don’t know.The only thing you know for sure is what you are experiencing and feeling. So don’t put stock in what you see. You can appreciate it. Be inspired by it. But it cannot impact, influence or decide your mood. Your self-esteem. Your joy. That is just absolutely ridiculous. Don’t give inanimate things such power over your life. Honour your own journeys. Experiences. Believe me. Your life has enough for you to deal with and handle without you coveting other people’s lives and experiences. Because theirs also comes with pain, loss, difficulties and sadness. Remember every coin has heads and tails. So for every profile that you envy there are parts of it that are not visible that you would not want to attract into your life.

We all have our own battles to deal with. Just like we all have our beautiful and magical moments that we revel in. So how I see it. Best to focus on my Within. Not on my Without. Love my life. And never, ever get jealous, envious or depressed because of the lives of people around me. Every human being has tails and heads. If you covet their Upside, are you also attracting their Downside? Of course not. So don’t dishonour your life by even spending a second envying or coveting other people’s lives. Remember the parts that we never see!!!! Enjoy your life. Especially the mundane parts. They are magical by virtue of the fact that they are yours 🎻✨😁


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