Believe your way to sleep

There is a belief to help you have peaceful sleep.

We have a belief that backs up every behaviour – whether positive or negative.

I used to wonder when I was younger how human beings could be able to sleep when the world can be so messy. Cruel. Full of pain. Violent.

The good parts of Life. Are good.

It is the unpleasant parts that used to occupy my mind. How someone could say I love you in one breathe and be beating you or killing you the next second. How someone would pray and quote the Scriptures. And yet show hate and vengeance towards others. How one person sees you as kind and loving. Another is exposed to your greed where you would rather make 300 times someone else’s salary and retrench people than take less of a package or make less profit.

You can label people Hypocrites. Whatever you want to call the contradictions. A belief is under it all.

We can ascribe these behaviours to personalities, characters, values, religion,  cultures. Whichever way you make sense of it. There is a belief underneath it all.

If we believe that most people are not psychopaths or mentally dysfunctional. What explains our world?

I realised that our minds are good at rationalising. There is a belief that makes perfect sense to us to justify our behaviours so that we give sense to even our most cruelest, irrational and self- serving behaviours.

Thus racism, sexism, prejudice, violence, greed and selfishness thrives. Our minds are remarkable instruments. We can make anything make sense. So we can sleep peacefully.

When you need a substance or anything external to quiten your mind. Numb the feelings. It’s a sign that your spirit/Soul, mind/thoughts and emotions are not in alignment.

Now that I am older. I don’t judge. I just see humans trying to find ways to cope. When I see contradictions between what people espouse and what they do. And yet they seem to be confident and at peace. They have found a Belief that quitens their minds. Helps them sleep at night.

Be compassionate towards yourself. And others. We all do this to varying degrees. Our Souls know the wisdom that our human Beings may never truly comprehend.


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