Succeed through Positivity, Not Revenge

Some people are energised. Inspired by getting even. Revenge. Proving the world wrong. Out of fear of not being seen as successful. Being a failure according to their definition.

Gives them the extra oomph to tackle every day with vigour. Just so they can rub their success in your face for ever having doubted them. For never ever supporting them. To show you that they will make it in spite of and despite.

Was thinking about this creative energy. There have been many billionnaires and millionaires created by this mindset. Drive. Restless spirit to win in their eyes and from the feedback we give. For them to hear the applause. Receive the adoration or envy of the world. And there are times when the support seems to be thin on the ground. That some doors just keep shutting in your face. And you can toy with the idea of how great it would be to become such a success that those that ignored you have no choice, but to find you in their faces, not because you want something from them, but because the tables have turned. They need your help. Whether for themselves. Their children. Or any other loved ones.

To be in a place of perceived power to make and crush dreams as was the done with yours. So that you can slam the door in their faces like they did to you. So that even if you can, you will not. The exhilaration in that.

But really! Is that Power? Are you not a puppet who is directed invisibly by the very people you think you are taking revenge on? Are they not deciding your mood, emotions and behaviour?  Who really has the Power in this scenario?

So I think. Just don’t allow anyone to change who you are. No matter how they treat you. Don’t be driven by the need to elicit particular adoration and fame from the very people who are not the wind beneath your wings. Why would you want to give anyone that Power over your dreams, vision and emotions.

Be driven by your positive energy. Not anger or fear. It could be rocket fuel that can inspire you to achieve more than you could have ever conceived. But do you really want your greatest achievements in life to be inspired by people who have not poured anything positive into your Being? They may never know they were reason for your success. But you will. Don’t give them that Power!

Guardian Angels abound. For every one who does not support your dreams, there are five to ten others who are ripples in your life. Their influence and impact may not always be overt and immediate. But they are always working in the wings to help you achieve your dreams. Be driven by positive and loving energy in all you do. This way, you can totally own your achievements and success as  they come. They are your Soul’s creation, not of anger,  fear or vengeance. Doesn’t that just feel light and beautiful? That is my wish from me to you. Have a generous end to the week this Entrepreneurship Month. Entrepreneurship is not for sissies. Enlist positive energy on your journey. Not darkness!

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