#WisdomPersonified: My Perceived Value to My World

#WisdomPersonified: The Living Consciously Series

Try this for One Month: 30 Days.

Observe what is happening in your Life. The Quality of Relationships you have in your Life. What Value you are perceived to have to people around You. Don’t try it on your Immediate, Nucleus Family. And don’t adversely impact your work or business relationships and performance. So let’s begin.

1. Don’t initiate contact, but respond to communication. Observe who actively and overtly notes your presence & acknowledges you and anything  you do and say whether in the social media space, Sms, WhatsApp, phone calls, face to face visits etc. Any type of contact. Is it “Friends from Cyberspace only that you have never met Face to Face”, “Friends from school, your neighbourhood, work, Business School, University,  College,” family members, church members, running or cycling club members etc.

2. Note what the content of the contact is about. Are they asking after your well-being, are they wanting something from you, are they sharing information for your benefit, are they inviting you to functions etc.?

3. Keep a daily journal of all the interactions in broad categories such Facebook buddies, Suppliers, etc. but note the individuals by name that you call Friends & Family: Who made contact, What was the subject of the contact, how did you feel about the subject of the contact?

4. After 30 Days, look at your Journal. 

5. What does it communicate about your Life? Is it just reflective of a phase or is this a pattern that has existed a long while, but you have not be conscious of?  Are you the one making the effort and from the emptiness in your journal it shows that if you don’t initiate, they don’t either? Are your main interactions with people on social media you have never met or on social media with friends you have had long-term relationships with? Or are all the contacts about Work? Functions? Who called and just wanted to hang out with you, not your title, celebrity status, political connections, etc., just YOU?

6. Were you anxious that if you don’t contact with certain people you will be left out? Did you give in or you held out for the 30 Days? Did they call? Did things happen without you because no one called which you would have been part of because you always ensure that you are?

7. What does your Journal say about your Life?

Wish you much Wisdom from this exercise if you choose to try it. Living Consciously is the best Gift you can give to yourself. 


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