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I always begin our Busara Leadership Partners events by expressing my deepest and heartfelt gratitude for the individuals I see in the room. You can never force any human being to choose you – blood or not. And when they do. You know that this time they have carved out of their life and diary, has been made sacred for you. That they are sending you a message that they value what you do by choosing to spend their hard earned money with you on this day. I never take any of these choices and decisions for Granted. Thank you. This year, on our 8th Year of existence, a very special number to me in the most personal way, we also paid homage to individuals that have attended a certain number of our events. We deliberately only hold two events a year because we are consciously aware that the market our business targets: Board Members,  Management & Entrepreneurs are challenged for their time. The dates are usually communicated in advance and in enough time. And these individuals always trust that the product and service we will deliver, will be worth their time and investment. So even the topics we cover are designed to assist them to achieve their desired goals not just to act as time out of the office with no real bottom line or intellectual value. We call our loyal supporters Busara Gems! I hope they loved the tokens of appreciation we gave them to show our Gratitude for their support.The amazing thing is that the two Busara Gems that could not make it still made their presence felt by sending business our way. What did I do to deserve such Blessings! So fortunate. In Life, do not focus too much on the number of people that say things,  but rather on the ones that Do things. My Blessings definitely come from the Guardian Angels in this Life that help me in tangible ways so that I can share my Purpose in this Life and who make the Time to share Spaces and Knowledge with each other. They do not just pout praises.They actively help me to Share my Gifts and in the process, they Share theirs with me to create beautiful concoctions – Purposeful, Impactful Lives!

16th of March 2017 really marked a Shift in my Soul. My Business. I felt it. I am definitely not the same human being I was 15th of March 2017. To everyone who has had my back ever since you have known me from when I was a Child to Today. Thank you. You may not know that I remember most things in Life – small and big. I do remember. As much as you are my Guardian Angel, know whenever I am able to, am Yours too. You may never always know. I am. And when you need something specific and I can be your Guardian Angel, overtly. Ask.

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures – Thornton Wilder.

So very Grateful for the Treasures!

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