Post SONA reflections podcast on Kaya FM

Dudu Msomi, CEO, Busara Leadership Partners. 

Private sector needs to come to the party. To be more accessible to Black African entrepreneurs. You can’t build a track record without being given the opportunity. Black entrepreneurs become tenderpreneurs, not out of choice. They are struggling to diversify their client base into the private sector because of gatekeeping measures that are infused with prejudices and stereotypes.  These gatekeepers are not White people only. Black people are masters at blocking opportunities to their own.

Now is the time to land a hand
Now is the time for each of us to say “Send Me”

It is our collective responsibility to help each and every sector of our society to be strong. We can’t all run NGOs  and NPOs in order to get support. Big businesses start off as small businesses. Nothing to sniff at. Decision makers in the private sector need to play their role too. And not just seek and give or do business with the politically connected. This was not a unique Zuma phenomenon. It has been the quality of BEE from inception. And  then we act surprised that there is corruption. Who is the corrupter?

2018, beginning of a new culture of patriotism. Without thriving entrepreneurs. Of businesses that grow beyond incubation, South Africa is not competitive!

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