Online is the Norm!

Online interviews!

The lesson is every encounter is an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression.

Your A game is super important. From how professionally and timeously you connect.

Research what your bandwidth is and ensure your internet is as stable as possible. Many of us need to upgrade to fibre. Do so. Online is the norm.

Do a dry run a day before. If it is a platform you have not used before. More of a reason to practice. That is what friends and family are for. 

Pay attention to your surroundings. The things we see. Can distract and detract – to your disadvantage.

How you look at the camera. How you are dressed, even if it is just the top half. Your hair.

The thing is that people are looking at you for an hour with minimal distraction. They see and catch everything!

Research the organisation you are applying to. Oh my word! Some responses from senior people! Shocking. What the CV says and what one is presented with sometimes 😱😱….

There are Recruitment companies that add to your workload as a client.

Sometimes I wonder why I have avoided operating in the Executive Search space when the quality of service is sometimes so below par? Then I remember…….

Love what I do. If once in a while I can help to facilitate a client acquiring great talent at management and board level. A pleasure.

Online interviews are here to stay.

Up your Game!


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