Consultants are not equal: Local deserves better

I am Gatvol!

Business leaders are quick to blame and demonize consultants. They hire global firms who have no clue about the nuances of the South African market at exorbitant fees. World class and best practice are only residing in global firms, supposedly. I guess in a VUCA world best practice is relevant?

Interestingly, they mess up a lot. Budget overruns. The root causes of the problems are not resolved.They are on retainers that go on for years.

When these firms mess up, the entire consulting fraternity including, us local firms, who are undermined, under-appreciated and not hired, who had nothing to do with the blunders that are wreaking many companies, are blamed!

Leave us out! We did not exist or feature in your decision making before because we don’t come with set methodologies and off the shelf solutions. First clue! How do I offer a suite of solutions when I don’t even know what the problem is? If I am the expert, why do I take your brief as gospel? Should I not investigate first? And how come the solutions from the diagnosis always seems to reside with the vendors in partnership with that consulting firm? Second clue! Then the client also refuses to take advise and guidance despite bringing you in and because you want the cheque, you go against everything that is correct knowing that problems will be further compounded. Third clue!

Take responsibility for not appreciating and valuing homegrown talent. Stop bastardising all consultants. Blame yourself for showing poor leadership and strategic thinking in your choices!

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