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We are still divided in our diversity – A Response to the DA’s Lindiwe Mazibuko leaving to study

Published in City Press, 18 May 2014, Voices section, Page 1 As South Africans, we say we value diversity, but in reality, we do

Living Madiba

Madiba’s passing was inevitable, as is the case for all of us, when our time arrives. However his death still left me speechless, but

The word ‘corruption’

The word ‘corruption’ can be used loosely. Investopedia defines corruption as “dishonest behaviour by those in positions of power. Corruption can include giving or

You are dispensable

People have a natural tendency to believe or to hope that they are indispensable. That the world will stop and take notice if anything

Faceless Sheroes of the Egyptian Arab Spring

With the communication blockade lifted by the government, my Egyptian friend, Amany, could finally go to work after a lengthy absence and give an

I strive for wisdom

~ “I strive for wisdom. Wisdom, for me, is the meeting of the intellect with the heart.”~ I have a compelling drive to think