Be accountable and responsible for your Life – Personal Leadership

Whenever there is discord between human beings, it is about Money, Sex, Ego or Religion. Follow any of these four, you will find the

Post SONA reflections podcast on Kaya FM

Dudu Msomi, CEO, Busara Leadership Partners.  Private sector needs to come to the party. To be more accessible to Black African entrepreneurs. You can’t

Your Vision should Inspire You through Any Obstacles

Oh I love my Mummy. I miss her even though she can be Mz Radebe seriously at times. You just need to deal and

Steinhoff Greed exposes the weakness of boards

Calling the Steinhoff fraud scandal an accounting irregularity effectively depersonalises the misconduct. Corporate governance is fundamentally about human behaviour, attitude, mindset and responsible leadership of institutions. It

Succeed through Positivity, Not Revenge

Some people are energised. Inspired by getting even. Revenge. Proving the world wrong. Out of fear of not being seen as successful. Being a

As Leaders, Should Our Employees and Followers Do as We Say or As We Do?

If you send someone an invite. Someone whom you have known since you were 8 years and they were 7 years. And till this